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Leviathan meets the Incredible Hulk

Too Little, Too Late

Posted on 2010.11.03 at 10:00


isis_uf at 2010-11-03 19:01 (UTC) (Link)
That's a powerful - and very true - ad that I wish had been seen by more people. The sad truth is that we're a country that demands instant results and instant gratification, but somehow suffer collective alzheimers when it comes to who-did-what-to/for-whom more than a tweet ago. On top of that, this is the ONLY clear, powerful message I've EVER seen from the Democratic Party (and it looks like it was done by the Boilermakers Union). As much disdain as I have for the Republican Party (as a whole. There are, as with most things, exceptions. I've crossed party lines on my ballot before and I expect that I'll do so again at some point.), they are utterly brilliant as messaging and public relations while the Democratic Party is wholly disorganized and stuck in the early 80s for their PR. I'm tired of the Republican word-of-the-day strategy (the election was a "referendum on Obama", you say? Gee, I haven't heard that in five whole minutes), but the Dems can't seem to get their act together for any sort of clear, concise, messaging campaign. It would be ridiculous if it weren't so damn sad.
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