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New Toy Is New!

Posted on 2011.03.04 at 08:57
So, on Monday, my wife called me to report disaster: her cell phone had broken -- in TWO!

Now, I'd been hoping to move up into a smart phone myself, and now she needed a new phone. our phone service was through a friend, and she was increasingly unhappy with the carrier, but locked in to her contract, so we decided to go off on our own. We're now on Sprint - from AT&T - with the same numbers, and both on spiffy new SmartPhones: the HTC Evo Shift 4G. No 4G where we live, but 3G is already a huge step up. We've got unlimited texting and data, and unlimited voice calling to any cell phone on any carrier, for about $20.00 more than we were paying towards our friend's bill.

I can't stop playing with this thing.

I've set up IM accounts for it:

AIM: Leviathansphone
YIM: Leviathansphone

Also email:


So, if you need me, there I am!

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