Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Collective Bargaining in Wisconson

So, with the perfidy typical of their party, the Republicans of Wisconson, who've been swearing up and down that their concern isn't union-busting, but fiscal, split off the union-busting portion of the Wisconson "Budget Repair Bill" into its own bill, declared that it had nothing to do with fiscal policy, and passed it, in an act of dubious legality, into law.

So, what can Wisconson's unionized public employees do, now that they no longer have the right to Collective Bargaining?

They can simply continue to collectively bargain. If they can show true solidarity, if every member of the union simply continues to insist on following union guidelines, including striking if called upon to do so, what can the state do about it? Arrest them? Fire them? All of them? Who's going to arrest all of Wisconson's police when they refuse to work without signed contracts guaranteeing them all rights and privileges won by the negotiations of the Union in previous years? Who's going to fire the entire school system of the State of Wisconson?

I don't see a ban on collective bargaining being enforcable.

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