Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

No Dancing on the Grave....

You don't need to come to my little corner of the 'net to learn that Osama bin Laden is dead, and while I haven't joined those dancing in the streets, I don't in the least mourn his passing. He was my self-declared enemy, he wanted to kill me and my nation and everything I stand for, in the name of of a debased mockery of a beautiful faith. Good riddance.

After a Navy SEAL team attacked the mansion compound in a wealthy neighborhood just outside Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan -- whose government is shocked, shocked, they say, to find that bin Laden was living there! -- and killed him, they took custody of his body. This may seem ghoulish, but it makes perfect sense: THey took DNA, and proved his identity.

Thereafter, Osama bin Laden's body was, according to news reports, buried at sea, so as not to leave a gravesite as a rallying point for terrorists, with full respect to Islamic tradition.

This, I have a couple of problems with.

On the one hand, I think a publicly-available grave would have been handy. Keep it under constant surveillance, and ruthlessly investigate anybody who shows up to mourn. Would that require vast amounts of manpower? And the Republicans say the government can't create jobs! I'm actually pretty sure that a known rallying point for terrorists would be a good thing.

On the other, the vague reports I've seen suggest that bin Laden was given a respectful -- although no doubt perfunctory -- Islamic funeral before his body went to its anonymous, watery sepulchur. And.... Say what?!?!

No, dudes, you wrap him in a shroud woven from nasty used tampons, stitch him up inside a pigskin, and consign his body to eternity in whatever other ways are anathema to his faith.

You may accuse me of anti-Islamic bigotry for this, but nothing could be further from the truth. To so treat his body is to respect Islam. Look, I don't personally believe in Islam's view of the universe, the face of God, and the afterlife -- don't take it personally, Muslims, I don't believe in Christianity's or Judaism's or anybody else's either. (Maybe Buddhism: the recycling of souls appeals to me aestheticly, plus, it's a Green initiative!) -- but, just in case they're the ones with the right answer, should we dispose of Osama bin Laden's body in a way that eases his passage into Heaven? No! He waged war against us in the most brutal and dishonorable way possible, in the most evil way possible, using innocent civilians as murder weapons against more innocent civilians. Our retribution should have been waged not just against his body, but against his soul, and if there's a way of disposing of the former that, by his own beliefs, would consign the latter to the darkest pits of Hell, that's what we should have done.

Playing by his rules, we should have meted out to him that ultimate punishment.

On the other hand, let's note something else, unrelated to funeary disposal of sack of meat that was once Osama bin Laden.

While Barack Obama was releasing his birth certificate in a vain attempt to shut up the bigoted crazies like Donald Trump, he said that he had more important things to do. Turns out, he was doing them, huh? While he was making the Birthers his bitches, while he was standing behind a podium, doing killer comedy at the White House Correspondents Dinner, President Obama had already given the order to take out Osama bin Laden. While he wade through the silliness and idiocy of the Tea Baggers, while he played a morning round of golf, while he went about his business, with the nation all unknowing, an American military mission he had ordered was under way to end that son of a bitch!

A previous president played dress-up in a flight suit, and gave a speech on an aircraft carrier that a mission -- which is still under way, eight years later, and which in no way brought us closer to ending the threat of al Qaeda -- was accomplished. This one never gave the slightest indication that, on his direct and specific order, our single greatest enemy was being brought to his just end.

That, my friends, is a President who has taken several levels in Bad Ass!

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