Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Trio liek WOAH!!!

So, a fresh unemployment check in my account, and an empty day ahead of me, I went and took in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 again today.

Good God, the movie just gets more and more Trio every time I watch it. After they leave Gringotts, there's not a second of downtime that doesn't positively gush with gooey Trio Shippiness.

Get out of the lake, and start pulling off clothes in front of another without a qualm until Hermione says, "Lads, this is a PG movie, I have to use this blanket."

Ron and Hermione going into the Chamber of Secrets -- "OMG, you mean we're both shagging Harry!?!?!?"

But, best of all! When Harry comes back in to find them after dusting MoldieShorts, he walks past Ginny like she isn't even there, and when the door opens and Ron and Hermione come in, Harry's totally making ZOMFG ILU <3333333 googoo eyes at them, and we cut to them for the return shot, and Ron and Hermione are totally the same! Hermione's all I wanna do you right now, Saviour Boy! and Ron's completely all about the Yeah, yeah, me too mate, but only for you, it doesn't make me a poofter, all right!?!?!?

Out on the Bridge, Ron's "What are we going to do with it?" is totally, "You know, us being a total Menage a Trois, we're a family, we make these important decisions together." And Hermione's "What you mean we White Man!?" is totally, "Just because you like to Top and Harry bottoms, that doesn't mean I'm letting you dominate him!" (Well, okay, that might be a stretch... Maybe.)

Then they all hold hands, because, after twenty four hours of battle and exertion, they're too achy-tired to shag on the spot!

Since there were people aft of me in the cinema, I stayed through the Epilogue, and, my God, if that's not absolutely amythis' version of the Epilogue, where it's all about the Trio, and Ginny doesn't matter a damn: And they really rub our noses in it, as the train pulls out, and the camera zooms in on the trio, pushing Ginny out of the frame like the nonentity she is in the face of their EPIC LUUURRRRRVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's how I spent my afternoon!

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