Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Hugging a Muslim!

I went out for a ride today in hopes of visiting a really cool looking comic-book store I've driven past, and found it closed. On the other hand, when I was on the way, I glanced down at my cell phone, and found I'd received a text from sarahenany! She'd flown into New York yesterday, and was en route to San Francisco today, and had a 2-hour layover in Boston! So I called her, having the privilege of speaking with her for the first time ever, and she's got the most darling, charming voice, combining a very precise and sharply-defined British accent with a wonderfully spicy tang of the Middle East, giving it extra warmth and flavor. I did some quick figuring,and decided I could make it, so I drove into Boston's Logan International Airport, and had a wonderful Flist cuddle and chat and all around wonderful time with the very, very darling sarahenany! Go, me!


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