Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen


Jon Stewart's Daily Show and Daily Show senior Muslim correspondent Aasif Mandvi uncover an existential threat to the American Way of Life, insidiously dealing the Tools of Terror right in our midsts!

(And at really great prices, too!)

But, you know what? I'm serious. Lowe's pulled its advertising from TLC's "reality" series All American Muslims. If they'd done that because it's yet another tedious excercise in banality and artificial, manipulated drama being foisted on the unsuspecting American public as "reality," hey, IK'd stand up and applaud. But that's not it. They did it because a ragtag nutbag toerag group calling itself -- falsely -- the "Florida Family Association" complained to them because -- and I'm not making this up! -- the series does not depict Muslims as Jihadists dedicated to destroying America and our way of life, and replacing it with Sharia law, including "honor killings" and "female mutilation."

Now, listen up, kiddies, because this is important. "Honor killing" and "female mutilation" -- the latter referring to what's also called "female circumcision" or, more accurately, clitoridectomy, the act of surgically mangling a woman's vagina to make sure she can't actually enjoy sex -- are nowhere to be found in the Koran. Neither God nor Mohammed has anything to do with any of that stuff. It doesn't come from the Prophet, just a bunch of gynophobic assholes who are busily working on a hostile takeover of a peaceful religion.

And Lowe's has just decided to put their financial might into helping them, by withdrawing their support from a TV series that shows that that's all just a lie, and there's not much difference between Muslims in America and Baptists or Catholics or Seventh-Day Adventists, because it shows the lie for what it is!

So, no foolin', I mean this part, and it's likely to cause fights with my wife, who likes the store as a convenient place to buy home improvement products:


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