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Me and Mandy

Farewell, and I thank you, Mandy the Bear-Shaped Dog

Posted on 2012.11.18 at 12:28


natertatersmom at 2012-11-19 03:07 (UTC) (Link)
I've been thinking of you all day Jon...literally all day. I've been distracted from everything that's been going on because I can't get you and Mandy out of my head. I'm sitting here typing this now and just squalling, and I guess I just needed a good cry. Mandy in your life was one of the first things I knew about you when I met you online and your love of her and joy in her was infectious and I guess that's how I just knew you were a good guy.

I wish you were close enough to hug. I wish so many things. But the reality is that this just sucks and hurts and I didn't even know her. I'm so glad she had you. I'm so glad you had her. And I'm a big believer in an afterlife, maybe just because I need to believe that such a special animal couldn't just cease to exist. I have to believe she's just waiting and watching expectantly for you again somewhere.

All my love, friend.
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