Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Anything Marc can do, I can do... er... Later. And not really as well...

Well, sheeplike fellow that I am, I saw that alloy_ was posting audio versions of his stories, read by himself, and I thought, Say, Leviathan, because I call myself by my on-line nickname, because I really, really am that lame, you've been told, by no less than SF legend Hal Clement, that you're an excellent reader of your stories. Maybe you should try that!

And so did I sit before my PC with a microphone, and proceed to thoroughly embarrass everyone who knows me.

So, if you have Twenty Minutes and Forty-Eight Seconds to kill, you too might want to see a man crash and burn in the non-airworthy vessel that is his own bloated ego.

For you, then, I present:

Right-Click and Save

...then play, and weep for the children.
Tags: audio post, half-a-ron, harry potter fanfic, trio-fic

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