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Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Today's Hi-Res OOTP Hermione

Posted on 2006.11.17 at 19:38
shocolate has posted here a selection of today's Hi-res, wide-format stills from Order of the Phoenix, and mentioned skipping Hermione.

As a service for those of us who actually like Emma Watson as Hermione -- and I'm happy to fess up to being one of those -- I present that image.

And here is just Hermione, lightened up considerably in Paint Shop Pro:


mrsquizzical at 2006-11-18 09:30 (UTC) (Link)
good for you, L.
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
leviathan0999 at 2006-11-18 09:32 (UTC) (Link)
There's at least one other intersted party, I'm sure of it!
gaveagirl at 2006-11-18 18:33 (UTC) (Link)

harry potter and the unbreakable bond access

I am new on this and I have no idea how to actually post, but I am following your fic at the Quidditch Pitch and I know that you have some more chapter already done that I would like to read. It is a great fic, and I am wondering if you could allow me access. Thanks.
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
leviathan0999 at 2006-11-19 01:06 (UTC) (Link)

Re: harry potter and the unbreakable bond access

OK, you're in. If you return to my LJ while logged into yours, you'll see all the currently-finished chapters of Harry Potter and the Unbreakable Bond.

Please, read and enjoy, and feel free to comment.
alloy_ at 2006-11-22 06:56 (UTC) (Link)
one other interested party checking in......

I don't feel nearly as much of a dirty old man now.

BTW Jon, I listened to your Fic on Sunday night.......

Most Excellent dude. Had me chuckling out loud.
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
leviathan0999 at 2006-11-22 10:01 (UTC) (Link)
I'm 45. I feel just as much like a dirty old man as ever. But it's seeming more and more worth it, by God!

And thanks for the good words on "Surrogate!" I've made a CD of that and listened in the car, and found it great fun, if I do say so myself. My ego knows no bounds.
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