August 17th, 2006

Harry Potter

Dare I? The Crossover That Must Not Be Written!

So... Harry Potter.

Really falls in the well-known genre of high-school comedy/drama, right?

Now, when I was a younger man, there was another High-School Comedy, with dramatic overtones, that I hated to admit I was thoroughly hooked on. Primarily because a couple of the leads were really hot, although I hasten to add that both, when they'd suck it up and do the work, were quite good actresses.

Now, timelines would have to be thrown out the window, of course, to make this series from the early '80s cross over with Harry and his pals.

And, other than that hoary old chestnut, "The American Exchange Students," it's hard to imagine how to make a plot that would cover both.

But there's something about the concept of the rich, snobbish, snotty, but essentially good-hearted Hot Girl putting Draco Malfoy in his place that makes me intrigued.

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If this post was meaningless to you, count yourself lucky.

If you understood it... Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.