August 23rd, 2006


And on the seventh day...

Oh, no, Tash isn't going to take the mickey for that subject line! Why would she?

So yesterday, I took my thumb out of my butt, and wrote more of the prologue of "Unbreakable Bond." Nice scene with Hermione and her parents, who owe a lot to both alloy_ and Amidala69, beginning of a scene that's going nowhere very quickly with Ron and his Dad. That last, I need to think about to give them an interesting enough dynamic to carry through a page or so of something they'd decided on with no room for a credible argument about two sentences in.

alloy_'s also infecting me with a desire to give Neville a bigger part in "NIS: Hogwarts," so that's something I'm thinking on, too. I think we're all going to be pretty proud of our Gryffindor crowd at the end of this one.

So I may be rolling back into gear again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed -- and boy, does that make typing difficult!