August 24th, 2006


The Face of EEEEE-Ville!

That, right over there. That's right, my Icon.

Let me give you a better look:

Now, technically, that's just Half the Face of Evil. That's Gandalf, AKA "Little Man" although the picture's about a year old. Now he's full sized, and has been seduced into the ways of the Dark Side by Noelle, a couple of months older than he, and as yet unphotographed.

She's a "torty." Cute as all get out. Just as evil.

They decided to play behind the toilet tonight. We live in a trailer: the pipe bringing water up into our bathroom is a length of hose that emerges from the floor, has a valve on it, and disappears into the bottom of the toilet tank.

I don't know what they did to knock it lose, but I do know they did it, because I awoke from a sound sleep to the sound of them running in panic from the bathroom as the "Toilet Fill Hose" hissed noisily while spraying prodigious amounts of water into all parts of the bathroom except the toilet.

And I can't fix it.

Water to the toilet is now shut off, which is monstrously bad news. Plumber tomorrow, apparently.

They're evil. EEEEE-VILLE!
Icon by jocap!

It's a Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy.

The Rebublicans, man. The damned Republicans.

They're on a witch-hunt to expunge and befoul all things that Bill Clinton did, not only for this country, but for the Universe itself.

Today's Stalinist Purge is but the latest example.

For, on April 25th, 1998, President Bill Clinton offered the following apology:

Ladies and gentlemen, I regret so much: I regret our long neglect of the planet Pluto. It took until 1930 -- 1930 -- to welcome Pluto into the community of planets, and that was wrong

And now, that generous, heart-felt, healing apology has been undone, as Pluto is unceremoniously ejected from the community of planets.

The shame of it. The shame.

Damn republicans.