August 28th, 2006

Unwinnable Fight 2

So Much TQP Love!

So I submitted "Harry Potter and the Unwinnable Fight" to The Quidditch Pitch.

I gotta tell you, folks, there's just nobody in the whole wide world of fandom I'd rather be sending my stories to than those folks.

Story -- all 39,500-odd words of it -- submitted this past Wednesday.

Reply received within an hour or so that's it's been accepted, and I'll hear from a beta within 4 days.

Sunday's "Day Five," and no beta, so I drop a quick note, because if something's gone wrong, I want to help.

Reply -- very apologetic reply, in fact! -- within the hour. I'm starting to feel like Graham Chapman asking to replace a dirty fork.

I reply assuring that no apologies are necessary, I just want to be of help if there's a problem.

Within another hour, a beta, Thevina, is introducing herself, and predicting she'll have beta'd copy to me on Tuesday, and also makes very kind comments about the story. Am I happy? Hell, yeah. Thevina, by the way, is also apologizing for the delay!

Again, I demur apologies, and thank her for her work.

This morning? Fully beta'd story in my In-Box. Yeah, that's right. I've already sent it back to her, and expect to see it on-site by the end of the day.