January 5th, 2007

Leviathan meets the Incredible Hulk

Thank God for Mrs. Quizzical!

mrsquizzical has saved my life this morning, oh, yes!

I wrote a bit more of Chapter Eleven this morning before leaving for work. Saved. Shut down my WP program. Took the Flash Drive that "Harry Potter and the Unbreakable Bond" is on, and came to work.

Here, I put the drive in my computer, and tried to openthe document, so I can get a few more lines in in my downtime. And the entire 150-plus page document was corrupted.

Fortunately, being the insecure bastard that I am, I had sent two of the crucial scenes to mrsquizzical for her comments, so she returned those to me, and I managed, with a lot of grunting and skull-sweat, to find the unformatted text of the rest in the hash that was my long, long document, so Chapter Eleven could be resurrected.

Thank God for mrsquizzical!
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Some Very Talented Kids I Don't Know.

My brother is an amazing musician.

He also has a very nice home-based recording studio in his basement.

When I was there visiting him a fwe months back, he let me hear a song recorded there by a local group of high-school kids, A ska band named something that sounds an awful lot like "Schmendrick." My bro tells me there is no official correct spelling of their name, and everwhere they appear, however it's spelled on marquees and signs, they complain that it's misspelled.

The song he played for me was a tune called "Fair Fallujah." I'm not a Ska fan, and musically it does very little for me. But I'm here to tell you that it's lyrically one of the best bits of musical political satire I've ever heard.

Well, turns out the kids have a "MySpace" page, on which there's a link to hear the song, albeit not the version my bro recorded for them:


And, the song itself:


I hasten to add that that is not the recording he made. As they say on their site, "These were recorded in one take to a condenser mic, to help us with the process of creating a demo/ep. Better recordings coming very soon. We swear. Stay tuned!"

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