March 12th, 2007

Annoyed Emma

Dear Asshat:

I have no problem with your need to use a couple of feet of toilet paper to make an impromptu "Sanitized for your protection" thingie on the seat. I can dig it; I watch "Monk."

But I am unable to fathom your lack of the skill or motivation to achieve a simple flush afterwards. Afraid of the germs on the lever? Grasp it with some toilet paper, then throw that in as the whirlpool starts. You tried flushing and were unsuccessful? Dude, there's a plunger right beside the bowl. Lift the seat, then plunge. Again, it isn't hard, and you can wrap TP around the handle as you grasp it if you really need to.

But don't leave the stall so that the next guy -- me, twice in the last week! -- has to collect your makeshift buttock-protection, flush your long-submerged turds, plunge the results, and otherwise clean up after you.

Honestly, don't be a fuckwit.