November 26th, 2007

Just Me

"Doctor her eyes...."

So, Saturday morning, my wife woke up to a vision loss in one eye: approximately the bottom third of her vision in that eye was gone. She called her eye doctors, who called her in for an emergency exam, where they saw a slight puffiness to that retina, but nothing they thought was likely to cause the vision problems. They told her they would call to consult her Primary Care Physician today.

At about noon, she got a call from her PCP, instructig her to report to our local hospital for an emergency CAT scan. (This was a matter of some concern, as my wife is large, as am I, and might not fit. But the machine at Deaconess Nashoba Hospital, in Ayer, MA, is cleared for up to 400 pounds, so she's ok for that.)

I asked her if she wanted me to leave work and meet her there, and she said no, but she would call me if she wanted or needed me. Of course, as soon as she calls, I will go.

So that's the story at the moment.