January 5th, 2009

Just Me

Bariatric Surgery

As I type this, my wife is undergoing Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery: Gastric Bypass, not Gastric Banding. She's been in since about 7:30 AM, and should be out of surgery at about 9:30 AM -- about a half-hour from now. Thereafter, she should be ready to see me in another two hours or so.

Just Me

Spousal Innards Update

Just heard from the surgeon: Operation is completed successfully, and Cindy will be in recovery for about 90 minutes, then moved to a room where I can see her.

The Bypass went flawlessly, and while they were in there, they removed her gallbladder, with which she had had previous problems, and found FIFTY-FIVE gallstones in it!

All is well.