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September 22nd, 2010


Ozymandius is back on the air!

Posted on 2010.09.22 at 07:13
My laptop's fan died a couple of months ago, and I was dealing with sudden crashes after 20 to 40 minutes -- not knowing that the fan had curled up its tootsies. I knew it needed fixing, but couldn't afford the repairs. A friend who is well-placed in a repair shop offered to fix it for me free of charge.

I mailed it Parcel Post. It used to be that when I would mail a package, I would ask if they had a shipping method involving an Ox Cart. I will no longer do so, as I'm pretty sure Parcel Post actually uses one. It took two full days for the package to get from Pepperell, MA to Springfield, MA -- a town I can drive to within two hours. (My wife is going there today for an appearance by Christian Kane of Angel and Leverage.) It was nearly two weeks for the Ox to find its way to Alabama.

THere was a bonus, though. It used to be, when I'd get up in the wee hours of the morning, or the late hours of the night, if I wanted to chat or IM, I'd have to turn on a light, or hope my fingers remembered their home row. Since Ozymandius in for repairs anyway, I took the opportunity to have a backlit keyboard installed. Now I can compute in the dark!



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So this rocks!

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

"It's Just a Bug..."

Posted on 2010.09.22 at 15:08

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