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November 3rd, 2010

Leviathan meets the Incredible Hulk

Too Little, Too Late

Posted on 2010.11.03 at 10:00

I'm really, really furious not to have seen or known of the existence of this until this morning. I'm in Massachusetts, the state you will know in future months as the one that got it right last night. I'm from the state who didn't give all the power to the people who stopped the government from fixing the things you're mad at the government for not fixing.

But I blame the Democrats, because they should have had this ad running on every TV in every state in the Union, nearly non-stop.

I usually enjoy this quote as a joke, but today, after seeing this, and thinking about the difference this kind of campaigning could have made, and knowing that, as politically keyed-in as I am, I'd never seen or heard of it until the day after the election, I quote this with great bitterness:

"I belong to no organized political party. I am a Democrat." -Will Rogers

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