August 4th, 2011

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Why I don't want to hear complaints about LJ Downtime

Yeah, once again, when many folks were making snide comments about LJ, the issue was actually that the site and its network were under sustained attack by a hostile and repressive government bent on disrupting political dissidence.

I hate seeing people bitch at LJ when this happens. It's like seeing someone out walking with a black friend, and, when he's set upon by a racist mob who start clubbing him with truncheons, the "Friend" starts yelling at him for making them late!

Please, have a backup journal. Dreamwidth rocks, and it's actually my primary posting journal. I'm pretty sure I have some invite codes.

But don't slam LJ, don't complain about them, don't rail against or abandon them. No, LJ is not being an arse: It's being attacked!

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Hugging a Muslim!

I went out for a ride today in hopes of visiting a really cool looking comic-book store I've driven past, and found it closed. On the other hand, when I was on the way, I glanced down at my cell phone, and found I'd received a text from sarahenany! She'd flown into New York yesterday, and was en route to San Francisco today, and had a 2-hour layover in Boston! So I called her, having the privilege of speaking with her for the first time ever, and she's got the most darling, charming voice, combining a very precise and sharply-defined British accent with a wonderfully spicy tang of the Middle East, giving it extra warmth and flavor. I did some quick figuring,and decided I could make it, so I drove into Boston's Logan International Airport, and had a wonderful Flist cuddle and chat and all around wonderful time with the very, very darling sarahenany! Go, me!