Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

A Seat at the Table...

I am the honored recipient of a wonderful opportunity.

argyle_s has found that her RL commitments have made it impossible for her to continue to run the wonderful trio-fic web-site "Table for Three," and it is my great honor that I've been able to take the site on.

"Table for Three" will always be argyle_s's site. The seat at the head of the table is hers, whether she occupies it or not. "Editor in Chief Emeritus," perhaps, and only as "Emeritus" as she chooses to be.

What will I be?

I'll be here in a seat near the head of the table. Here in the humble chair at the base of the steps up to the throne. I am but the Steward of, and authority is not given to me to deny the Return of the Sock.

While I hold reins, though, it's my intention to do everything I can to make sure that "Table for Three" will remain, as it has been, the place to go to find Trio-Fic. Especially to find the very best of Trio Fic.

Toward that end, it's with great pride that I announce that "Table for Three" is now hosting mrsquizzical's wonderful story All That They Had Not Lost.

I want to talk for a moment about this wonderful story, this gloriously mature tale of a postwar trio re-defining "Family," as they come together to heal the wounds of war. The prose is so spare and sere and muscular, every word labored over and chosen with care. The heart that beats within it is true and pure, and it's just made of wonderful.

And I got to read it before anybody but Shocolate. And I worked long and hard, encouraging Q to believe in it enough to upload it to The Quidditch Pitch, where, with precious little promotion -- I was for a long time sternly forbidden to pimp! -- it has garnered sixty-five reviews at this writing, and, so I'm told, is a favorite of some 25 TQP users. Users, I might add, with extraordinarily good taste. And those 65 reviews are from some of the finest writers in our fandom, such revered names as Solstice Muse, maple_mahogany, shocfix, and more.

So, now, finally, with its arrival at a new site, I get the opportunity to pimp this masterful achievement as it deserves to be pimped.

All That They Had Not Lost

Read it. Love it. And remember:

I saw it first!

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