Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Total Pimpage, Because I'm just knocked out!

I've been pleased, nay, thrilled, to get a lot of very kind reviews over on TQP, and now here on LJ, from risiepookie.

When she first started reviewing me, I checked out her profile on TQP, and saw she'd started one story, with a single chapter in place, and I read it, thought it was pretty good, and moved along with my life.

Well, I went back the other day, and she's got three stories now:

So I started from scratch on the one I'd read Chapter One of, "If a Man Answers". Oh, my God! Risie is dealing here with themes that are close to my heart. If you liked the ending of "Unwinnable Fight," I think you'll really dig this one, a heartwrenching tale of broken people in broken relationships, and somebody's going to be hurt.

Then I went on to "Wake Me". Holy God, the woman is fearless! Don't settle back and smile and think you're "Safe." Where you're afraid to go, and sure she's afraid to go, right outside your comfort zones, and into true terror and pain? She marches right into the thick of that awful place, with an inexorable, implacable courage and honestly that most writers don't even know enough to aspire to.

After these two heart-shredding, soul-searing, wrenching, draining, workouts, you need a pick-me-up. Well, look no further, because Risie's last tale is the charming, fluffy, upbeat "The Sneeze", all about Hermione seeking release, and her loving Ron, with his unexpected depths, working to bring it to her. It's sweet, it's fun, and yes, oh, yes, Risie brings Teh Hawt!

Risiepookie. She's the real deal.
Tags: pimpage

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