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Fanfic Reviews and Recs

oncelikeshari has an interesting discussion underway of good Harry Potter fanfics taht haven't had enough reviews.

I've gotta tell you the truth, I very quickly stopped paying attention to reviews. There's too much subliterate dross out there with reviews that say "OMG, This is, like, the Best. Fic. Evar! You should be writing the books instead of J.K.Rowling!"

I understand the impulse to review kindly -- this is, after all, indeed a silly little hobby, and it takes a lot of nerve to suck down entertainment you get for free and then bitch about it. But, no, as much fun as "Reading Between the Lines" was -- a cute novel-length fic about a fangirl, depressed about the death of Sirius, who is magically transported into Prisoner of Azkaban, from which start she manages to single-handedly destroy the whole series -- it is nothing like the Best. Novel. Evar.

What's good?

I find a lot of great quality stuff over at Checkmated. I understand they gave Shari fits, but there's good stuff there.

My first rec, and I think it is under-appreciated, is Riddle, by cantibile. It's a short piece, five chapters, the fifth of which was an enormous let-down, but the author's command of scene, time, place, and character over the first four chapters wins my recommendation.

Next, pretty much all of Amidala69's stuff over at Checkmated. It's pretty much all one series, beginning with "Turn and Face the Strange" focusing on Ron and Hermione. It's all, I think, in the "Restricted Section" and the admins over there take a long time approving you to get in, but this series is worth the wait, including the hands-down best R/Hr "first time," and my absolute favorite versions of Hermione's under-appreciated parents.

Another great take on Ron and Hermione from alloy with "Midnight Confessions".

And, before I leave Checkmated, I'll also recommend "Blood of my Heart" by Isha. This is a very good "Seventh Year" novel with a lovely plot and great characterizations, straight H/G and R/Hr shipping, and while there's a kind of formulaic sameness to the two sex scenes, it handles the relationships exceptionally well.

Over at Fiction Ally, I really enjoy the work of Ann Margaret. Her romantic style is a trifle drippy, but it's all very good fun, and, I'll say again, nobody, but nobody, has done a better "Final Battle" that the one she gives us in Hermione Granger and the Beginning of the End.

I'm also a big fan of Katling who brings us Harry Potter and the Guild of the Night and Harry Potter and the Crystalline Darkness. Her Trinity is also well worth reading.

There are lots more I also liked quite a bit, but those should keep a reader busy for a while.
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