Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Taste? What's that?

Gotta hand it to CNN. They sure know the most tasteful ways to cover a story.

Now, if you'll look to the lower left, encased in a golden glow (I've added that as a "pointer") but also buried in tehbody of the story, you'll see that you're invited to: "Watch bleeding victim on floor, suspect at gunpoint" Now isn't that just a touch of real class?

Look a little further up on the lower left, in a blue glow, also courtesy of me, and you'll also see advertising for the hotel at whose entrance the fatal shooting took place! We don't know who's dead adn who's alive, but we know who you can call to save money on renting a room there! (Yes, yes, automated advertising. I know. It still takes an idiot not to see the problem there and fix it.)

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