Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

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Irritated, but not unaccomplished.

This should have been a You-Tube video.

It would have started looking at my feet, in gray sneakers, on pavement. You would have heard my voice saying, "These are my shoes. Because these are my shoes, I know feel entirely qualified to judge myself."

At this point the camera would have tilted quickly upward, seeing a brief vew of a park, blurry from the movement, then panned just as quickly in a hundred-and-eighty degree spin to meet my face, as I said, "Because I just walked a mile in them."

Which, in fact, I had done, at a blinding speed of about two miles an hour.

But, when I got to my desk to upload it, I found that I'd managed not to save it on my camera. Grr! Dopey Leviathan!

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