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I Fanboy J

"One of these days, you'll understand..."

Posted on 2007.05.28 at 06:31
In my posts about my walks, I've made mentions of having about a half-hour worth of songs by j_on_lj, AKA my buddy Geoff, formerly Jeff, Wade.

This is not one of them.

I urge you, in the name of all humanity, not to click that link and hear an inferior recording of me mangling the last verse and chorus of a song j_on_lj has not seen fit to record himself. I mean it. I take no responsibility if you pull your own ears off.

But I've been reduced to attempting it because j_on_lj refuses to, and, I'm told, "Drastic times call for drastic measures."

I hope j_on_lj will realize the importance of rescuing his beautiful songs from me by recording them himself.

Don't make me go after "October" and "Broken Wing" and "Angry" and the "Kuntry Song," j_on_lj! Save them from me!

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