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Me, by Jenn

A Sunbeam and a Walking Mix

Posted on 2007.06.20 at 08:09


herrbgone at 2007-06-21 13:13 (UTC) (Link)
“… more spiritual then church …”

I was reading web transcripts of some conversations between Master Po and Grasshopper yesterday and I agree that there many things that can be more spiritual. It all depends on how we choose to look at things and how we choose to live.

As enlightened as that may sound I came across that list of quotes while looking for a YouTube or other online video of an old 7up/uncola ad that was a mock episode of Kung Fu: Master: “You made a wise decision, Weedhopper.” I very distinctly remember this ad, but I can’t find any reference to it anywhere.

Jon, speaking of music: did you get that email? There is also a link to the vid in question on my LJ. Post title: The Song.

If you’re interested in doing a somewhat less aerobic walk around some fields, say in Hollis, I go there most Sunday mornings and we could head over to a certain diner for lunch afterward…
(Anonymous) at 2008-11-01 04:48 (UTC) (Link)


I remember this ad also "weedhopper"...I was 8 years old.
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