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Me, by Jenn

Dumbells, Dawgs, Duane -- Not Necessarily In that order...

Posted on 2007.06.22 at 07:55


mythicvictory at 2007-06-22 14:45 (UTC) (Link)

Yellow Dumbells and Dogs, Oh my!!

I like your updates. When you aren't worried about how bored we are, it's like little windows into your life...in a non-stalker-y, scary way. You are at your most charming when you are yourself in these videos. Plus, Yeas! Another mile!! Woot!! Go you!!
Sorry, I can't be more fangirlish and up til after I drink more caffeine.
Have a great weekend!

PS I loved the lady with the dogs over your shoulder in the car...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
leviathan0999 at 2007-06-22 15:31 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Yellow Dumbells and Dogs, Oh my!!

Well, not to worry, when I talk about wanting to plan on something, it doesn't mean I'll go all scripted and fake. Just think more about having something to say that means something.

The dogs were real sweeties too. So much fun.
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