Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Apolitical July Ninth Walk, and Trailer Apocalypse

In other news... A couple of weeks ago, my wife became convinced that there was a fun running in our trailer. She became convinced it was going to short-circuit, and gut our trailer in a flaming conflagration.

I determined that there was a noise. I thought it might be running water, but in the end agreed with her that it was a fan. I further discovered that it wasn't on our household power, as it didn't stop when I threw every circuit breaker in my house, including tne household main.

Well, this morning, my wife's day off, we got a guy out dfrom a local heating and plumbing outfit to take a look. Not a fan. A water leak in the main feeding our house. Now it's a geyser, spraying at the underside of the floor of our bedroom, and it's before our water shut-off.

So I've been called home to deal with this, to cut down on stress for her.

Once the water's fixed, and things have had time to dry, we'll learn whether we need to repair the floor of our bedroom.

So that's my morning thus far.

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