Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Happy Birthday, Me -- The Aftermath

So I turned 46 on Saturday, and was met with a large number of birthday greetings here on LJ and elsewhere, including Balloons from risiepookie and these from I know not whom.

I also managed to negotiate a cell-phone change for my birthday. I'm now on AT&T, so if you have an AT&T Cell, and want to talk with me, let me know and we can do it for free! If you're not on AT&T and want to chat, well, I'll pay for my minutes if you'll pay for yours.

Sunday, we had the fun of bathing the bear-shaped dog. This was supposed to render Mandy flea-free and unitching, but that seems not to have worked out as well as we'd hoped, and she's still scratching. I had thought of posting about it as her -- "Help! The humans trapped me in that smelly little room, and put water and stinky stuff on me!" -- but, well, didn't.

So thanks to all for birthday wishes and generosity! Onward now toward 47!

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