Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Useless Multiply-Forwarded E-Mail Relevant To My Life: Film At Eleven!

If my mother ever, ever, ever gets an e-mail that makes her smile even slightly, she forwards it to a huge list of people, including me.

I've seen the IBM "Mouse Balls" memo about four thousand times.

But every now and again, one is funny enough that I don't have a filter set up to trash anything she forwards me.

Today was one of those collections of amusing road signs, many obviously photoshopped.

The "funny" part of this one may be:

But! Look at the name of the second town on that sign!

The ridiculously attentive among you may remember that as the setting of the "New Amsterdam Travellers" game in Chapter 12 of "Unbreakable Bond."

I got the name of that town from personal knowledge. Angelina's granddad may not have existed to work as ground crew at teh RAF base there during WWII... But my father did indeed fly his B-26 Martin Marauder out of the RAF base at Chipping Ongar.

I got a little thrill seeing that sign in my useless forwarded-a-million-times joke e-mail.

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