Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Holy Culturally-Accepted Racism, Batman!

I was in a "Big Lots" store yesterday, and picked up, for a whopping $3.00, a 2-disc DVD set of the 1943 "Batman" movie serial.

So far, I've only seen Episode One, and had a moment of jaw-dropping disbelief, as our villains, having kidnapped a scientist, are returning him to their lair in Little Tokyo, and the Narrator informs us: "Since a wise government rounded up the shifty-eyed Japs this has become a virtual ghost street..."

Wow! It never occured to me thta there was once a spirit of popular belief that the Internment Camps were a good thing! I just naturally assumed that the Americans of that time were as guiltily ashamed of those camps as today's Americans are of Gitmo, or the CIA's "black sites." I'd have been prepared for an on-screen character -- maybe even Batman himself! -- to say such a thing... But the narrator, the voice of knowledge, the voice of the mainstream!?!?!?

I was totally o.O OMGWTF!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

I still think it's worth your three dollars, especially if you're a Batman fan, but I certainly don't endorse that sentiment!

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