Jonathan Andrew Sheen (leviathan0999) wrote,
Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Thanks, information, follow-up

First and foremost, on behalf of Cindy and myself, many, many thanks for all the concern and support. It was really appreciated.

Cindy was released yesterday, and is home and doing well.

A bit of clarification about the gallstones: Cindy has, in the past, had three attacks, and those were incrdibly painful, but she was not in any ongoing pain from her gallbladder. The thing is that drastic weightloss will often trigger gallbladder attacks, and indeed, the release and passage of gallstones, so the removal of the gallbladder was scheduled as part of the bariatric surgery. The surgery is performed through very small incisions -- five of them, none larger than three-quarters of an inch -- and in order to remove the gallbladder through one of these tiny incisions... Well, imagine a cloth drawstring bag. Imagine pulling it through a hole three-quarters of an inch across. Now imagine pulling it through the same hole if it's got 55 marbles in it. Can't be done. You have to reach through the hole, open the bag, remove the marbles, pull them out through the hole, one by one, and then you can get the bag itself. That's what happened here (Although I doubt very much any of the stones were as big as a marble) and thus why we have a count on gallstones.

So here we sit at home, Cindy walking up and down the hallway of our trailer every now and again -- it's too cold and icy to do it outside -- and settle back into our old, but now re-shaping, lives.

Thanks again, everybody, for your care and support.

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