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Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Six Days....

Posted on 2006.08.21 at 06:39
So six days ago, I posted the finale of Harry Potter and the Unwinnable Fight.

Since then, all I've touched for fanfic was a comment fic for thesteppyone, which, given my ego's usual tendency to bloat out of all proportion, I've also posted -- with her kind permission -- on ff.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3115079/1/ Under the title "The Healing Touch."

I've done research and outlining for "NIS: Hogwarts" and I have the beginnings of a prologue written for Harry Potter and the Unbreakable Bond, but those all pre-exist "Unwinnable Fight."

Oh, and I've beta'ed parts of a terrific-looking Trio-Fic for a currently anonymous friend. I really hope she stays on this, because it's an extraordinary piece of work.

I'm toying with a short "Post Script" piece to "Unwinnable Fight" called "Slouching Toward Forgiveness." Six months on, and Ron's still working through his anger at Harry and Hermione, and perhaps talking to staid, sensible Remus Lupin will help.

But I'm kind of feeling "bleh" just now, and I don't know what will jump-start me to get into gear on any of those projects.

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