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Leviathan's Boring Sorta-Blog

Well, crap, this has too many entries not to be a blog...

Jonathan Andrew Sheen
6 October 1961
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I'm known as either "Leviathan" or "Leviathan0999" on various FanFic sites.

There are fics in this journal that contain adult material. Given Ms. Rowling's desire that kiddiewinkies don't learn about Pervy Three-Way Sex -- just as an example -- from Harry Potter, any such fics are locked to a particular "Friends" group. If you want to be part of that group, just comment in my journal, IM me, or E-Mail me with your LJ Username.

3/3/07, I got a great piece of news!


And, on 12/1/07 I got another great piece of news: